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The Local Foods Network is KSC's oldest standing committee. Here are some of its recent notices and activities:

  • Free summer meals

    Summer is almost here! You can make sure the kids in your community don't miss out on the nutrition they need for healthy minds and bodies. Kids 1-18 are eligible to participate in the summer lunch program. It starts on June 17th.

    Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon (PHFO) has a website listing all of the children’s summer lunch locations in Oregon. It is easy to use and contains a wealth of information about locations and serving times. There are more than 700 sites around the state. Klamath Falls has 30 locations. The list includes Keno, Chiloquin, Beatty, other places in Klamath County, and locations in Lake County.

    More information is available at www.summerfoodoregon.org. Families can also call 211 (info) to find local sites and public transportation options. Tell friends and neighbors, and share this on Facebook. Thank you! This message was adapted from a PHFO email.

  • Our child-friendly Mills Community Garden is entering its third season. We expect all the beds to be taken this year.
  • The Klamath County Local Food Guide, created in the summer of 2011, tells all about eating locally. It has listings of local food producers and vendors, as well as other related businesses.
  • We maintain a local food blog, covering local food activities in Klamath and Lake Counties.
  • Ms. Roopika Subramanian, who was here on a year's appointment in 2011, not only spearheaded the Local Food Guide but also prepared the more detailed and comprehensive Community Food Assessment.
  • You might also want to check out extending the local food-growing season, an effort of KSC members.

The Chair of the Local Foods Network is

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